About Us

The Owners, Maria & Santos Vilorio


About Us 

Welcome to Vilorio’s Italian Bistro and Vilorio’s Bar and Bistro, where the art of authentic Italian cuisine comes to life in the heart of quaint North Attleboro, Massachusetts. Our journey begins with Santos and Maria Vilorio Ramos, a dynamic husband-and-wife duo and the passionate owners of these two adjacent culinary havens. 

The Vilorios' story began in the bustling streets of Boston, where Santos honed his culinary expertise as a chef in the famed North End, while Maria skillfully balanced part-time work while nurturing their beloved children. Through the trials and triumphs of those formative years, they nurtured the aspirations and cherished the values that would lay the foundation for what we now know as Vilorio’s. 

Venturing further, the Vilorio family set their sights on Rhode Island, where Santos played a pivotal role in the creation of Café Portobello, which later evolved into the renowned Stella Osteria and Table at Ten. Their dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence never faltered, even as they balanced their relentless work ethic with cherished family moments. 

In 2021, Santos and Maria seized the opportunity to acquire Stella and Table at Ten. Maria gracefully assumed responsibility for all front-of-the-house matters, while Santos continued to weave his culinary magic, crafting dishes that delighted the taste buds of their growing clientele. 
After tirelessly pouring their hearts into these establishments, a chance moment arrived when their son suggested a meaningful change - to rename the restaurants after the very individuals who had poured their soul into this culinary endeavor. And thus, Vilorio’s Italian Bistro and Vilorio’s Bar and Bistro were born - a testament to the dedication and hard work that had born fruit. 

At Vilorio’s, we take pride in fostering a warm, welcoming atmosphere, where families and friends come together to share exceptional meals, creating lasting memories in the process. Quality, family, and community are the guiding principles that shape every aspect of our business, elevating your dining experience to new heights. 

Our goal is simple - to make every guest feel cherished and at home. But the true essence of our welcoming ambiance, the spirit of family and community, can only be fully experienced at either of our Vilorio’s locations. We invite you to join us at our fantastic spot in historic North Attleboro and meet the Vilorios in person. 

Indulge in the rich flavors of Italy, prepared with passion and skill by Chef Santos himself. Allow Maria and our attentive staff to ensure your dining experience is nothing short of exceptional. At Vilorio’s, we celebrate the joy of culinary artistry, creating a haven where great food, warm hearts, and delightful company come together in perfect harmony. 

Welcome to Vilorio’s, where the timeless essence of Italian cuisine meets the warmth of family and the spirit of a quaint Massachusetts community.